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Campa Potti

Thetford is the inventor of the world-renowned original portable toilet. Since then, we have become the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile sanitary systems, toilet care products and accessories. So naturally, Thetford has the perfect solution for every situation in which you would want to install a toilet but don’t have access to a drainage or water system: the Campa Potti. It is a mobile water closet offering the level of comfort you are accustomed to from an ordinary toilet.  Hygienic, fresh and without unpleasant smells. Because the toilet is compact, lightweight and easy to use, you can place the Campa Potti wherever you want. Use it during renovations in the house, or in a garden or summer house, and because the Campa Potti can be placed in any room in your home, it is suitable for all ages, even if you are less mobile.

Quality first

We ensure that our Campa Pottis last, trouble-free, for many years to come. Campa Pottis are made of durable high quality plastic that, combined with their rounded forms, are easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, our portable toilets have many innovative features. The Campa Potti and Campa Toilet Care products are manufactured by Thetford, a world leader in portable toilets. Continuous quality control ensures that all Thetford products meet the highest standards.