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Tips & tricks

Cleaning the waste-holding tank

Over a longer time period, scale may appear in the waste-holding tank because of e.g. calcium containing water. To remove the scale we recommend the use of, especially for this purpose developed, Cassette Tank Cleaner by Thetford (which is for sale at many camping stores).

Dose 300ml of Cassette Tank Cleaner in the empty waste-holding tank and add a minimum of 5 liters of water. The use of warm water (max. 40ºC) increases the solubility of calcium deposits and the cleaning action. Shake the waste-holding tank several times to wet the entire inside. Leave the Cassette Tank Cleaner inside for a minimum of 16 hours. Empty the waste-holding tank at a designated area and rinse the empty waste-holding tank thoroughly with water. For stubborn deposits, repeat use. Do NOT add Cassette Tank Cleaner to the waste-holding tank during regular use, it is not a waste-holding tank additive but a cleaning agent! Always read the label on the bottle for instructions.

Lip seal

A lip seal is liable to wear, because the blade continuously slides along the bottom of the lip seal. To prolong the life of a lip seal, we advise to treat it on a regular basis with Thetford Seal Lubricant (which is for sale at many camping stores).

How to use the seal lubricant? Ensure that the area to be lubricated has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Apply a light film. Repeat the process at regular intervals. Shake before use.

Do not use vaseline, it may lead to damaged seals!