Campa Potti Porta Potti 565

Campa toilet care products

For over 35 years, Thetford has been developing toilet care products to keep our portable toilets functioning flawlessly. To reduce the risk of damage, premature wear and problems when emptying the waste-holding tank, we recommend using Campa Toilet Care products. They will also keep your Campa Potti pure and fresh. The fluids are available in two litre bottles that include a dose indicator for easy measurement of the correct dose. Because the toilet fluids are so concentrated, you only need to add a small amount each time.

Campa Blue Campa Rinse Plus
Campa Blue is a very effective waste-holding tank fluid for daily use of the Campa Potti. It suppresses unpleasant smells, reduces the formation of gas and stimulates the breakdown of solids and toilet paper. It keeps the waste-holding tank pure and fresh. Campa Blue has a pleasantly fresh marine scent. Available in an economical 2L bottle. Campa Rinse Plus is added to the water in the flush-water tank, where it performs a variety of functions. As well as keeping the water hygienic and fresh, it ensures an effective and cleaner flush. Campa Rinse Plus leaves a thin protective layer in the toilet bowl, preventing scale build-up. It also ensures continued smooth operation of the blade opener. Campa Rinse Plus has a fresh lavender scent. Available in an economical 2L bottle.


Campa Green Aqua Soft Toilet Paper
This toilet fluid with biological action works similar to Campa Blue. Campa Green is environmentally friendly and is suitable for emptying into septic tanks (test ISO 11734). The biological action stimulates breakdown of waste in the waste-holding tank. Campa Green suppresses unpleasant smells and reduces the formation of gas. Campa Green has a fresh citrus scent. Available in an economical 2L bottle. Aqua Soft, our special supersoft toilet paper, dissolves quickly inside the waste-holding tank. This prevents clogging and makes the waste-holding tank easier to empty. Ordinary toilet paper dissolves less quickly and can easily lead to clogging. When you use Aqua Soft, you prevent malfunctions or damage from occurring while at the same time protecting all moving parts.