Campa Potti Porta Potti 565


What is a Campa Potti?

The Campa Potti offers the same comfort and convenience as a regular fitted toilet. Hygienic, fresh and with no unpleasant odors, this practical portable lavatory can be used wherever you want. It doesn’t have to be plumbed in and it doesn’t need drain or sewer connection.

The Campa Potti is manufactured from high-quality durable plastic which is very easy to clean. The toilet has its own flush-water tank, which means that you can flush it with clean water after use, just like a regular toilet. Waste is stored in a hermetically sealed tank and is completely odor free. The Campa Potti’s waste-holding tank has its own integrated emptying spout: When the tank is full, merely take it to a suitable place, rotate the pour out spout and press the air release valve. The contents will then empty without any splashes. That’s a real convenience!

Why Campa sanitation products?

To ensure the efficient operation of your portable toilet, it is necessary to use toilet additives. There are additives for the waste-holding tank and for the flush-water tank.

What do Campa toilet additives do?

Campa waste-holding tank additives reduce unpleasant odors and gas build-up. They break down waste matter in toilet holding tanks and prevent clogging. They also prevent deposits from sticking to the inside of waste-holding tanks. Toilet additives are necessary to make mobile sanitation systems work trouble free. Our flush-water tank additive keeps the water ‘fresh’, ensures a smoother, better flush and leavess a protective film in the toilet bowl.

Level indicator doesn’t work?

The Campa Potti consists out of two main parts: the waste-holding tank and the flush-water tank. Inside the waste-holding tank a little float with a magnet is located, the float arm. The top part of the toilet contains a counter magnet. When the waste-holding tank is filling, the arm starts floating and the two magnets come together. This makes the indicator work.

Occasionally, after shaking the tank vigorously or when dropping it, the float arm dislocates and falls out.

Solution: Replace the float arm.